RBS SE100 Data Report

RBS SE100 Data Report

The RBS SE100 index is about gathering facts and figures about great social businesses, charting both growth and social impact.

Here’s a breakdown of activity in Scotland, as well as showing the five fastest growers (from those organisations operating for at least three years)

Download the full report here http://www.socialenterpriselive.com/sites/default/files/stories/files/SE100_DataReport_singles_0.pdf

Claim your place in the RBS SE100 Index (link: www.socialenterpriselive.com/se100) and get a free subscription to Social Enterprise magazine

Social enterprise might sound good but how do we prove it really has the goods? The RBS SE100 Index (link: www.socialenterpriselive.com/se100) is gathering the facts and figures about social businesses, charting both growth and social impact to put stats behind great stories of businesses delivering positive economic change across the UK.

The top performing social enterprises receive prizes totaling £50,000 so it’s great way to raise your profile and be in with the chance of getting some cash.

Each month the Social Enterprise magazine (link: www.socialenterpriselive.com) team highlights the top performers signed up across the country. In the October issue Scotland will be going up against Wales and Northern Ireland, providing a further opportunity to PR your business- and put Scottish social enterprise on the map!

Social Enterprise magazine is delighted to offer a free 3-month subscription to those who take part in the index. Sign up now to get your free subscription and get in the index: http://www.socialenterpriselive.com/se100/se100-company-nomination-form