Projekt 42 – Fitness for everyone in the community

The latest activities from Projekt 42
18th Dec 19

Senior fitness

Our charitable programmes help everyone in our community access fitness and yoga activities as well as increasing  their social and support network. Senior fitness allows people over the age of 60 with varying health conditions access safe, effective and most importantly fun fitness and yoga classes. They also enjoy a cup of tea and a chat every Tuesday afternoon. 

Youth Fitness

Youth fitness introduces 12-16 year olds to a variety of fitness activities. They are currently learning to use the gym safely, doing boxing sessions and tasters of some of our classes. Every session is coached by one of our team and includes some free time for socialising.


Exercise for cancer rehab helps people living with cancer take part in safe and effective exercise. All around the world research is showing the benefits of exercising while undergoing treatment for cancer and increasingly exercise is being prescribed. This class brings together people of all ages who are undergoing or have been through treatment. They are currently working on increasing muscle mass to counteract the common side effect of muscle loss.

New year activities

It’s not all about lifting weights and getting a sweat on exercise can be as simple as taking a walk or having fun with friends. In January 2020 we will launch two new activities. A fortnightly table tennis social club where people will come together to enjoy a game of table tennis. We will also be launching a monthly health walk. Led by volunteers who were trained by paths for all to become walk leaders in 2019. This health walk will be open to all ages and will bring everyone in our community together.