PRESS RELEASE: Jute, Jam, Journalism…..and Jalfrezi!

PRESS RELEASE: Jute, Jam, Journalism…..and Jalfrezi!

Dundee International Women’s Centre


A specialist catering company set up by women from a community centre in Dundee has been hailed a success after just five months of starting up. 


Curry queens from the Dundee International Women’s Centre (DIWC) have turned their talents for creating Indian cuisine into the Wooden Spoon Catering Company which has won the praise of Paul Grant MBE and the support of the curry king DR Charan Gill MBE.


The company employs up to fifteen women including seven full time staff. It started when a local business was so impressed with the authentic dishes served at the women’s centre they asked them to deliver a bulk order to their office. After their signature ‘Friday Night Curry Night’ started in November they were inundated with orders and now deliver curry meal deals direct to over ninety workplaces every week.


Their mouthwatering Indian curries are handmade using recipes and traditional cooking techniques donated by women who attend the purpose built DIWC which is a cultural melting pot with over 500 registered members and a staff that speaks over nine different languages. 


Paul Grant and Charan Gill will join 200 guests at the company’s sold-out launch event ‘Jam, Jute and Jalfrezie’ at the Bonar Hall on Thursday 21 April when the company will pay tribute to historical jam and jute industries and mark the launch of their new booking and payment website.


Paul Grant, founder and MD of local jam and marmalade producers Mackays who is speaking at the event said, “I tried the products at a conference and then my daughter in-law  who has a chef background said she thought they were amazing. When I found out it was a Dundee based food business with a Jute heritage I was on board as a mentor. They have great products and very talented people and I am delighted to give something back by supporting such an innovative local business.”


Charan Gill said, “It’s a fantastic and novel idea. They have expertise, enthusiasm and their success shows that there is a demand for what they are doing. I am excited to be involved and to see their hard work pay off.”


Centre Manager Angie Foreman said the women were keen to mark the launch with a celebration of their heritage. “Many of the Asian immigrants worked in the Jute industry when they first came here. The industry may not be alive but Dundee is still a global city. When The Dundee International Women’s Centre opened its doors 42 years ago to bring together women from all cultural backgrounds it started with cooking classes and now the women are earning a living from their cooking skills.”


“The company has just taken off! I always had an idea we would do something special with the talents of the women. They have a great sense of achievement. Cooking is something they have always done at home and they didn’t see it as anything special. But now the women and their families recognize that what they do is amazing.”


The launch event is sponsored by Mackays, The Social Enterprise Academy, My Pinkie Promise and IMPC