Presiding officer calls for Holyrood second chamber

Presiding officer calls for Holyrood second chamber
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Holyrood Presiding Officer Tricia Marwick has said she believes the Scottish Parliament should have a second chamber to revise legislation.


Ms Marwick, who is standing down at the May election, said she supported the idea "in principle".


But she accepted it would be "off the agenda" until an agreed model could be found.


That would include deciding the extent to which a Scottish upper-house would be elected or appointed.


In a wide-ranging conversation with journalists and departing MSPs in Edinburgh, the presiding officer also said she favoured power being devolved to the most local level possible and that she found some Holyrood business "boring" including the weekly session of general questions to government ministers.


Holyrood’s first presiding officer, Lord Steel, has also argued for a second chamber.


The House of Lords has this function at Westminster as does the Senate in the US Congress.


It was envisaged that the Scottish Parliament’s committees would carry out the revising functions of a second chamber but critics say the Holyrood system is not sufficiently robust.