Pockets and Prospects



The Pockets and Prospects Project (funded by Scottish Govt via SCA’s Community Capacity and Resilience Programme) will link directly to Glasgow’s Campaign to End Loneliness (which is part of the UK Campaign). The Vision of the campaign is ‘All older people can have meaningful connections (i.e. they have companionship, feel included and have a sense of belonging)’.

There are a number of issues identified in Glasgow that need to be addressed:

  • Lots of activity from public sector and third sector to address loneliness but un-coordinated and lack of information about what’s going on already
  • More active participation by older people (not just services to/for)
  • Not using older people’s or communities’ strength enough – encourage more co-production and (informal) volunteering

Senscot’s Pockets and Prospects programme will link directly to the Campaign to End Loneliness (Glasgow and UK), inform the Scottish Govt Strategy (National) and build connections at a local level (Glasgow).

We are working with GSEN and SEN members to co-ordinate a ‘programme of activities’ which will be available for community anchor organisations to purchase and run for older people in their communities. This will be a ‘pick and mix’ programme offering a diverse range of activities such as language classes, physical activity, befriending etc.

The project will seek to address the issues that are highlighted above as well as providing opportunity for social enterprises to develop a collaborative approach to loneliness and social isolation.

Fort further information, contact kim@senscot.net