Plans for Scottish social sector board

Plans for Scottish social sector board 





The Scottish Executive is to set up an advisory board to inform its approach to supporting the social economy, the deputy minister for communities said last week.


Speaking during a Scottish Parliament debate on the voluntary sector and the social economy, Johann Lamont said that the board would give the sector ‘an important opportunity to make significant input to the work of the Executive in developing the social economy’.


A spokesman for the Executive said the board would have ‘strong representation’ from the social economy sector. He said that ten people will be appointed to the board, which is expected to meet for the first time in the summer.


Emma Hutton, development officer at the Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition, said: ‘We welcome the fact that the Executive is keen to make sure it has strong representation from the sector.’ She called for the board to represent the breadth of Scotland’s social economy – including voluntary groups and social enterprise.


Also speaking at the debate, minister for communities Malcolm Chisholm admitted that short-term funding is a ‘persistent concern’ for Scotland’s voluntary sector. He said funding is ‘too often’ awarded on a short-term basis, so that ‘organisations spend a large proportion of their time chasing new funding sources and reapplying for grants’. He added: ‘That can mean stopping and starting projects on the ground.’


Source: Regeneration & Renewal magazine