People and Communities Fund

People and Communities Fund

Scottish Government


Building on the success of the Wider Role fund and recognising the important role that Registered Social Landlords ( RSLs) and other community groups like Development Trusts play in delivering change at a local level, we have developed the People and Communities Fund. This fund forms part of the overarching Regeneration Investment Fund (see below).


The Scottish Government will provide £7.9m per annum from 2012 to 2015 to support the People and Communities Fund, specifically to promote and support community led regeneration. The details of this fund will be announced in 2012, however, activity will include:


    * Building on the Wider Role fund, funding to support and strengthen local community anchor organisations across Scotland, including RSLs and Development Trusts. These will be organisations that deliver local regeneration activity and promote change in our most deprived urban areas, our fragile town centres and ex-coalfield communities.


    * Support for community asset ownership through the Community Ownership Support Service. This service, provided through the Development Trusts Association Scotland ( DTAS), provides help and advice to community organisations interested in asset ownership.


   * Investment in a new community capacity building programme. This will focus on areas where there are currently few local organisations, weak networks amongst local people and where local people’s skills and confidence need to be nurtured. It will have a focus on helping people to decide how budgets in their areas are spent.


    * Continuing to provide dedicated support to the Coalfields Regeneration Trust to help it develop as a self sufficient social enterprise. This will enable it to build on its strong profile in ex-coalfield communities and to develop its capacity building role further.


    * Support for the Achieving Change Programme.