People and Communities Fund Awards

People and Communities Fund Awards
Scottish Government

The People and Communities Fund (PCF) supports community organisations to grow and strengthen by delivering outcomes to meet and respond to the aspirations of their communities.


What will it fund?


There will be at least £6m available for allocation in each of the three years from 2012/13 to 2014/15. This funding is available to organisations to allow them to deliver the services and/or projects that have been identified by the community as helping it achieve its outcomes.


There are two main priorities:


Preventative action


Who is eligible to apply?


The PCF is aimed at registered social landlords and other community anchor organisations such as community development trusts. To be eligible to apply for the fund your organisation will have to demonstrate in the application for that you meet the following criteria:


Controlled* by local residents and/or by representatives of local groups
Have a proven track record within the community
Committed to involving all sections of its community
Supports and encourages community development in its area
Actively engages with local people
Delivers services in an holistic way
Works with public, private and third sector partners
Attracts resources and opportunities into its community


* If your organisation is not community controlled, you will need to demonstrate how you include, or will include, local people or community representatives in your decision making structures.


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