Passage from Manifesto Speech

Passage from Manifesto Speech
By Nicola Sturgeon


Before I finish, I want to touch on another key theme of this manifesto – the question of where decisions are taken and by whom.


Throughout this document you will see a commitment to decentralising decision making, enhancing democratic engagement, strengthening community organisations and making sure our structures of government are fit for purpose.


We will work with local authorities to review their roles and responsibilities and get more powers into the hands of communities; we will look again at the structures of our NHS and at the relationships between local government and the NHS.


We will extend participatory budgeting and encourage communities to make use of the new community empowerment legislation.


We will bring forward an Islands Bill to devolve more responsibility to our island communities.


We will continue our work to get more land into community ownership. And we will set up a new register of land ownership to increase transparency for those who live and work on our land and end the scandal of anonymous – and therefore unaccountable – land ownership.


We believe that devolution of powers from London should not stop here in Edinburgh – it should continue on down to all of the diverse communities that make up our wonderful country.


The decisions that affect our lives should always be taken as close to us as possible.
That’s a principle that runs through this manifesto.


And it’s a principle that also applies to decisions about the future of our country as a whole.


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