P4P – Research into creation of SE Clusters

Partnership for Procurement (P4P) in partnership with Scottish Enterprise Inclusive Models Team (SE IMT), has commissioned us at Community Enterprise to undertake research into the opportunities for enterprising third sector organisations and social enterprise to increase local service delivery and local spend through the creation of social enterprise clusters. 

Clusters are understood as “a group of social enterprise involved in similar product service delivery / design, who are positioned closely together. These geographically concentrated groups are interconnected enterprises who trade with each other (and/or are related in some way) and as a result; have the potential to become more productive, innovative and competitive. Together these social enterprises could; with the right support and resources, put in place a more formal structure to enhance their effectiveness.”

We are looking to test the scale and nature of the interest in cluster models and what the potential impact could be across Scotland.  As key strategic players in Scotland I am keen to have a conversation with you to feed into the research and would appreciate your help in distributing information.  If you are interested and able to do that during February, can you get in touch with Fiona (copied into this email) who will firm up some times for a short telephone interview.

In addition, we have produced a short on-line survey and are really keen to get this out as widely as possible to the sector.  I would be really grateful if you would promote this in social media or any e-bulletins you have coming up.

Here is the link to the survey



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