Open doors to social enterprise

Open doors to social enterprise

Borders LSEP Event

Tuesday 27th March was a great day for Social Enterprise in the Borders, and an event hosted by the LSEP was the most positive thing to happen in the Borders for a long time. With Communities Scotland announcing the actual date for the launch of the long awaited Scottish Social Enterprise Strategy, David Hume Chief Exec of Scottish Borders Council stole the show with an upbeat presentation. In his speech David gave us hope of a more diverse Council with open doors to social enterprise, and confirmed that he knew exactly what social enterprise was all about.

David told the audience he had been on the original board of Heatwise between 1982 – 1986, which went on to developed into the Wise Group. He expressed delight in the newfound interest from the Banking community and advised social enterprises to become more robust in showing off their wares to the council. Stating his door was always open, he said at present the balance of people walking through it was in favour of the private sector who regularly bent his ear about how wonderful they were. He felt, ‘social enterprises could learn something from this way of promoting themselves’

His vision for a 21st century model of public service provision in the Borders sent us away feeling very positive about what was happening down here. The only downside was looking around the room and speaking to people afterwards only about a dozen actual social enterprises were at the event…. I guess engagement at ground level is still one of the biggest barriers for us all to overcome.

After the event, the Borders Social Enterprise Chamber held its AGM, two members of the Borders Social Enterprise Network, Lawrie Hayworth (Bookdonors) and Alax Robertson (BFR) were voted onto the board of the Chamber.

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