Olympic Tax Dodging

Olympic Tax Dodging
38 Degrees

Moments after launching the petition calling on companies like McDonald’s to give up their Olympic tax breaks, their rattled PR team were on the phone. Minutes later they publicly confirmed they wouldn’t be taking up the tax dodge. 

If you didn’t sign the petition because you weren’t sure it would work, now you know it can. It’s an exciting start. But there are lots of other sponsors who still haven’t budged. Let’s turn up the pressure by keeping the petition growing. Every name helps.


Can you sign the petition now and tell the other sponsors to pay their fair share?


Next in our sights is Coca-Cola. They’ll be supersizing their profits at the Olympics, expecting to sell 23 million drinks. Together let’s make sure that they’re paying their fair share in tax. Their close relationship with McDonald’s will make dodging the issue even harder for them now.


The petition’s already got nearly 100,000 names. If you can help push it past that target we’ll organise a high profile hand-in to Coke’s London headquarters and a simultaneous people-powered flood of messages to them via Facebook and Twitter. Together, we’ll make a splash they can’t ignore!


38 Degrees members have been campaigning against tax dodging because things get cut when businesses don’t pay their fair share. The Olympics is a powerful global symbol. Taking on this particular tax dodge won’t fix the whole problem but it’ll send a strong message that we expect these massive multinationals to do the right thing.


If we can get to 100,000 signatures, we’ll organise a hand-in at Coke’s London headquarters this Friday. Click here to add your name now.

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