News from the Red Zone

Medium, by  Mike Small 

What the snow told us.

  1. Our food system is really fragile, broken, and dysfunctional on multiple levels. Some people have just realised this. We are Nine Meals from Anarchy.
  2. People need a total immersive experience that affects everyone to come to their senses, to take a pause, to begin to notice.
  3. There are things that are more fun than your phone.
  4. Community isn’t dead and we long for more of it.
  5. Some people are really selfish.
  6. The rural world is different from the urban world.
  7. Nature still exists.
  8. Cities with a lot less cars would be a lot better to live in.
  9. People are quite annoying if you have to spend a lot of time with them.
  10. The Zombie Apocalypse smells of Almond Milk.
  11. Work isn’t everything.
  12. Climate change isn’t something that will happen one day in the future.
  13. Netflix isn’t as good as you thought.
  14. We’re not in control of everything. We’re not really in control of anything.
  15. We drink too much milk.