New online course aims to empower disabled people

New online course aims to empower disabled people
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Long term disabled people now have the option of becoming peer support brokers, opening up a new career in supporting others.

MySupportBroker (MSB) have designed a course for those who want to work in peer brokerage- a completely online career, meaning those who are unable to commute or care full time can study in the comfort of their own homes.

The course is designed to enable people who have experience of the care system to use that experience in assisting others in arranging services and support.

The e-college is the first to offer the entire qualification (up to NVQ Level 3) online, and takes around ten to twelve weeks to complete. It consists of videos, Q&As and written worksheets that will be compiled by qualified trainers from the college itself. Interaction is possible through the online interface, with peers and qualified support brokers. The course also includes audio options and voice recognition for those with visual impairment or difficulty typing.

Professional brokers are in short supply and high demand, and the cours is expected to sustain this rapid growth. The government are currently seeking to provide all council funded care users with a personal budget.

The course has already seen its first graduates qualify as NVQ level 3 peer brokers, and once qualified people have the choice to work directly for MySupportBroker or to work for themselves. The college is expecting an influx of students in its first year.

A recent graduate, Angie Farrell who has cerebal palsy, said she had been dreaming of opening up her own consultancy and helping others do the same, and she says she has "now achieved that with support."

The college aims to "create a culture of ‘doing it for ourselves", according to Steve Scott, Director of MSB, and to empower, rather than patronise, its students.