Networks1st Update: Friday 2nd July 2010

Things generally slow down a bit at this time of year due to holidays etc – but not on the SEN front. This week Dumfries and Galloway SEN has held interviews to appoint their own Social Enterprise Support Officer. The successful candidate will work for the DGSEN, supporting the development of social enterprise in Dumfries and Galloway and facilitating and supporting the development of DGSEN itself. We’ve also been in Ayrshire this week, meeting with social enterprises that are keen to establish a social enterprise network that would be pan-Ayrshire. There was a positive first meeting with members sharing information and getting to know each other. The next meet is scheduled for 17th August. If you are a social enterprise operating in Ayrshire and would be interested in joining the Ayrshire SEN, contact

Link Housing Association has established a market garden at the Ecology Centre in Fife.  Initially the organic crop will be used in healthy eating sessions at LinkLiving and will be developed into a small scale enterprise if things go well.  Raised beds have been designed to allow people with disabilities to get involved as well.  The Ecology Centre does environmental education, garden therapy and training through a range of activities. See

The Business of Food; many members are involved in food either through catering, food production or retailing.  The Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition (SSEC) is embarking on a piece of work with Queen Margaret University to measure the contribution social enterprise makes to the food industry in Scotland.

Still with the Coalition, this week they launched their search for an inspiring photographer to visually capture social enterprises in Scotland, telling their stories through imaginative pictures. Sponsored by Unity Trust Bank, the successful snapper will receive a £1,800 bursary to visit social enterprises across Scotland and pictorially depict how social enterprises change the lives of communities and individuals around them.  See more,


FUNDING: The Big Lottery have this week launched their new Investing in Communities funding programme with 3 streams including Growing Community Assets, Life Transitions and Supporting 21st Century Life. See more at

REQUEST: Lubna Kerr, Centre of Health and Wellbeing has been in touch, she is looking for free desk space in Edinburgh, should anyone be able to accommodate, please contact

EVENT: Capita’s 4th National Conference on Disability Equality in Scotland, Tuesday 14th September 2010 – Edinburgh.  Improving the equality impact that your organisation generates considerable efficiency savings and better meets the needs of disabled employees and service users.  See more on event here

Book your place NOW on the ‘Big Tent Summer School’, Wednesday 21- Friday 23 July.  Set on the site of the Big Tent Festival, the summer school will involve three days of practical skills courses (see the course descriptions) interspersed with good food and social time for meeting friends old and new.  See more,

Holyrood magazine is delighted to launch their Environmental and Clean Technologies (ECT) conference, taking place on Tuesday 26th October at Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh.  See more,

Case Study: Dumfries and Galloway

Set up in 2006, Dumfries & Galloway Social Enterprise Network covers an extensive region in the South West of Scotland. Due to the large distances involved and the time it takes to travel around the Dumfries & Galloway SEN meets in the Town Hall in Castle Douglas, seen as the most central point for all.

See full case study:

Dates for the Diary

Perth SEN 27th July
Borders SEN, 5th August
Glasgow SEN, 13th August
Ayrshire SEN, 17th August
Dumfries and Galloway SEN 19th August
Clacks SEN, 24th August
Edinburgh SEN, 25th August
Fife SEN, 26th August
Dundee SEN, 1st September



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