Networks1st Update: Friday 28th May 2010

This week Edinburgh SEN ( becomes the first Network to register using the newly develop Model Rules, with two more SENs planning to sign on the dotted line shortly. Edinburgh SEN now becomes a cooperative with the choice to also apply for charitable status. This new constitution, some 2 years in the making , is based on work by Senscot, in partnership with the SENs. Senscot has prepared a set of Guidance Notes on the new Model Rules to provide additional support for SENs planning to adopt this model. . For further info contact

The first Creative Social Enterprise conference at the Lighthouse in Glasgow saw a fantastic turnout. Keynote speakers Derek Marshall of successful social enterprise the The Factory Skatepark in Dundee and Sergio López Figueroa, director and founder of Big Bang Lab in London were well received and we were also lucky enough to have an input at the end of the day by Andrew Dixon, new CEO of Creative Scotland. For more info on the Cultural SEN contact 

Diane attended the DTAS Asset Transfer Symposium this week and heard some positive talk from the politicians, inspiring stories from Social Enterpises & encouraging tales from Ann Marie Naylor from the DTA about their work in England. Ann Marie touched upon the shift which is and will increasingly taking place from a ‘Community Pull’ agenda to a ‘Supply Push’ agenda. The message from local authorities was heavily focused on forthcoming cuts! While some saw this as a driver for change others sadly were talking of how best to temper the enthusiasm and high expectations of local communities.

The ‘Business of Food’ at the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday event to celebrate social enterprise’s contribution to the food industry. SEN members You Can Cook, CFINE, Aberdeen Foyer, The Engine Shed and Dundee International Women’s Centre (who won the Dragon’s Den at last year’s Ceilidh) took part displaying a delicious range of food to sample. Hosted by the Coalition, the event highlighted the scope of trading activity from local community cooking classes to supplying oil companies with fruit & veg.


MARKETING: Two years ago we did an appeal for photos from members to be used in marketing of the SEN’s.  The appeal was a great success and photos have been used in leaflets, conference materials, on the Senscot website and on Networks 1st Ning.  If anyone would like to send in any new photos to update the collection please send them in to

EVENT:  The Social Enterprise Academy is delighted to invite you to the 2010 Social Enterprise Schools Awards Day which is being held in Oran Mor in Glasgow on Wednesday 9 June, for more see   The SEA will also be running its Prove, Improve, Account course (aka a Social Accounting masterclass) in Edinburgh on 7 & 8 July and in Glasgow on 29 & 30 September.  For more see

HOT DESKING: All Senscot members have FREE access to their shared office, shared resources, informal meeting space and new soundproof ‘Melting Pod’ meeting space (sits up to 5) with 8.5 hours up for grabs.  We would also like to invite all to the next big Members Networking night: Climate Night at The Melting Pot – Thursday 10th June at 6pm.  See here for more info

COMPETITION: The Big Challenge competition for 16-25 year olds is open for applications now.  Be in with a chance of winning a share of £65 000 along with support to set up your own community project.  Your project just needs to inspire other young people and involve volunteers so think big and get involved now.  For more info see 

UPDATES:  The People’s Project” has put Dumfries forward to compete in the above awards THIS SUMMER, and it means that we can all play our part.  This can be done by all put up a hanging basket, – or window box of flowers, – or even just a plant pot outside our business premises and our homes… more suggestions here

Out of the Blue is fully functioning after a big building projects to expand their capacity through funding from the Scottish Investment Fund.  Go and visit their extended cafe and check out the new facilities.

LOCAL COMMUNITY MEDIA: Highlands and Islands community invited to shape television services for the future.  Community representatives from across the Highlands and Islands are being invited to play their part in shaping the television services they receive locally in the future at the annual Local TV Forum in Inverness. See more

Case Study: Dundee International Women’s Centre

The Dundee International Women’s Centre has successfully engaged women from many different social, religious, cultural or other excluded backgrounds for the past 40 years. They provide a truly multicultural service to all women. This includes over 450 service users from 54 countries of origin, speaking over 20 different languages and representing 15 different belief systems.  Download Case Study here:

Dates for the Diary

Argyll & Bute, 1st June
Fife SEN, 3rd June
Aberdeen SEN, 4th June
Dumfries & Galloway, 17th June
Inverclyde SEN, 18th June
Edinburgh SEN, 22nd June
Clacks SEN 23rd June
Sport SEN, 23rd June
Dundee SEN 30th June
Borders SEN, 29th July