Networks1st Update: Friday 18th March 2011

The 5th ‘Fit for Purpose: Health and social enterprise’ Conference is taking place today in Edinburgh (See attendees, Panellist Andrew Jackson (Joint Improvement Team, Scottish Govt) told the Conference that the Scottish Govt’s ‘Change Plans’ are now available online. The ‘Change Plans’ will see £70m being invested in improving the delivery of services across the health, social care and housing spectrum. Local implementation will be agreed through Community Planning Partnerships, including the involvement of local Interfaces. Social enterprises have an important role to play in contributing to the success of this initiative and Networks 1st will be lobbying to ensure they have an opportunity to get involved. Here’s the updated list of Interface contacts, including their individual allocations as well as the specific Change Fund allocations for each area. See,

A new feature for Networks 1st begins next week with our monthly `Roundtable Round-up`. The Round-up will share information and developments arising from the regular Roundtable meetings taking place. The Roundtables bring together Govt Depts, related public agencies and social enterprises to address the barriers faced by social enterprises in delivering public services and to consider how to unlock the potential added value they could bring. As places are limited, SEN members rotate so as different people get the opportunity to participate. At present, Network 1st hosts 3 Roundtables in the thematic areas of the Health, Sports and Creative sectors.

Another new SEN is on the way with an inaugural meeting of the Community Food SEN taking place on 12th April at Gorgie City Farm in Edinburgh. The demand for the new SEN has arisen as a result of work carried out recently by Community Food and Health Scotland with input from the Social Enterprise Academy. To date, 9 social enterprises have indicated an interest in participating. We`ll keep you posted on progress. For info`, contact


FUND: There has been a recent announcement that an additional £1.65m facilities fund will be set up for grass roots clubs and groups via the Cashback for Communities programme. It’s to be administered by sportscotland however details of how it’ll be distributed are not yet available.  See more

EVENTS: The Sport SEN Conference is to be held on Wednesday 1st June at Stirling Management Centre – more details in the coming weeks.

AWARDS:  Seven Scottish social enterprises will battle it out at the Social Enterprise Awards on 30th March in London.  Following their win at the PwC sponsored Social Enterprise Scotland Awards last month, Hebridean Chocolates, Rutherglen’s Stonelaw High Fair Traders, Sutherland-based Golspie Recycling & Environmental Action Network, and Susan Aktemel, from Glasgow-based Impact Arts will go head-to-head with the winners of the English, Northern Irish and Welsh awards. See more

PAHA is delighted to announce that the Physical Activity & Health Awards are being offered for the second year running. These awards will be celebrated at the 5th Annual National PAHA Conference and will recognise outstanding efforts that reflect the implementation of the national strategy, Let’s Make Scotland More Active.  See more

Case Study:  Glencoe Mountain Resort

Glencoe is Scotland’s Original Ski Centre, founded back in 1956 by Philip Rankin. Most of the original lifts were built by workers from the shipyards in Glasgow. Remnants of these original lifts still exist and are operational on the mountain today.  Over its history, the Centre has suffered from a serious lack of investment and has been in and out of bankruptcy.

Download full case study here:

Dates for the Diary

Stirlingshire SEN, 21st March
Fife SEN, 23rd March
Voice 2011, 30th March
Aberdeenshire SEN, 30th March
East Lothian, 10th April
Ayrshire SEN, 13th April
D&G SEN, 14th April



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