Networks1st Update: Friday 12th February 2010

From the outset – most of the 12 geographic SENS have operated without formal structure – simply informal peer support groups.  But some Networks are now becoming involved in local developments which call for a more formal structure.  Over the last couple of years, we’ve discussed, with Network Reps, the idea of commissioning a bespoke legal structure to act as a formal ‘wrapper’ for Networks which feel the need.  With the support of Cooperative Development Scotland (CDS), Senscot has taken on the task of producing our own legal model acceptable to both OSCR and the Financial Services Agency.  (RARE).  We’ll soon be in a position to offer this option to LSENs at a fraction of its true cost.  For more Networks News, see

The last of this year’s 4 Community of Business Events in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce took place in Dumfries & Galloway yesterday.  60 delegates attended the event in the impressive setting of Easterbrook Hall.  Eileen Byrant, Millennium Project Stranraer, Gordon Mann, D& Chamber of Commerce and Antonia Swinson, Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition all gave presentations highlighting the success of social enterprise both locally and nationally along with the usual exhibition and lunch.  In follow up, the SEN plan to take a delegation to exhibit at S2S with support from Dumfries & Galloway Council. For more info contact

The first ever Coalfield SEN conference – ‘Developing for Growth’ will take place on 26th March 2010 at Blantyre Miners Welfare. The focus of the conference is on the development role many mining related organisations can and do play in supporting their local communities. Cathy Jamieson will deliver the keynote speech, more details


CONSULTATION: Community Enterprise Ltd is researching the feasibility of a new trading subsidiary that will focus on of the marketing, advertising and promotion of social enterprises and their products and services. As part of their research, they are carrying out a survey looking at the successes, challenges and best way forward for social enterprises who engage marketing agencies. They’d welcome your feedback. To share your views go to:

EVENTS: CRNS 5th Annual Conference – More Than Recycling 2010.  17/03/10.  Edinburgh.  This year’s conference brings together speakers from around the world to share their stories and lend a compelling international perspective to the issues of environmental and social justice, and managing resources. See:

TRAINING: Introduction to business planning and strategy & measuring social impact.  3 February and 10 March 2010. Location TBC.  The two days are designed to provide those taking part with an introduction to two vital ingredients for successful social enterprises: business planning and strategy, and measuring your impact. See:

As part of the CLD Upskilling Programme (which Lifelong Learning UK is managing on behalf of the Scottish Government), new learning opportunities for staff working in CLD will be available during February and March 2010.  These are free and are part of an ongoing programme of investment in the skills of the CLD workforce, more details

Case Study: Dundee International Women’s Centre
The Dundee International Women’s Centre has successfully engaged women from many different social, religious, cultural or other excluded backgrounds for the past 40 years. They provide a truly multicultural service to all women. This includes over 450 service users from 54 countries of origin, speaking over 20 different languages and representing 15 different belief systems.  Download Case Study here:

Dates for the Diary

East Lothian SEN, 25th Feb
Angus SEN, 12th March
Coalfields SEN Conference, 26th March
Glasgow SEN, 26th March
Sport SEN, 29th March
Health SEN Conference, 23rd April