Networks1st Update: 7th March 2008

Senscot has been successful in bidding for funds to help facilitate the development of Social Enterprise Networks over the next 3 years.This will mean increased capacity to get out and about, attend more Networks meetings and hopefully still have time to make a few more visits to the social enterprise and develop new opportunities for social enterprise in Scotland. To launch this new phase of Network development, we are currently working on an updated Networks 1st element of the Senscot website, which will act as a national portal for Network information and link into SEN websites (such as Aberdeen SEN’s new webiste as and when they are developed. The aim, fundamental to the Networks, is to drive opportunities directly to social enterprises themselves, not build up a new infrastructure of intermediary organisations that could become a competitor to its own members, and act as a barrrier to opportunity. Senscot’s goal over the next three years is to help the SENs established themselves and to be able to operate independently.The Coalfields SEN has just announced the appointment of its first member of staff with the help of funding from the Scottish Community Foundation. The Coalfields SEN is a thematic network for social enterprises with a close connection to the ex-coalfield area in the central belt of Scotland, who want to share good practice, offer peer support, develop trading links and explore new ways of strengthening the social economy in the region.RISE, a social enterprise development agency based in the South West of England is looking for social enterprises that might be able to design and produce plaques for RISE? They’re looking for wall mounted plaques that holders of the Social Enterprise Mark would display at their premises – preferably made from a re-used or recycled product. You can find out more about the Social Enterprise Mark being championed by RISE and have your say on what you think of it by visiting Facebook ( week saw the last in the current series of `community of business` events which took place in the Grosvener Hilton in Glasgow. A mix of over 50 social and commercial entrepreneurs attended. In total, the three events – Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow – attracted almost 200 folk. We`ll circulate the evaluation info when it`s ready.Feedback from Voice 08 has been very favourable. We`re currently collating the feedback info` and will circulate it once completed. In the meantime, here`s a sample