Networks1st Update: 30th November 2007

Christmas is coming and the trees are getting cut and Emma Galloway (Edinburgh SEN member and lead fiddle player at the New Lanark Ceilidh!!) is ramping up this year’s Caring Christmas Trees Campaign. Emma tells us in a recent press release (see Senscot bulletin that Gordon Brown has already signed up to buy his. For every tree a homeless person will receive a hot meal and shelter. Check out their Tree Sales Counter. NESTA’s Big Green Challenge is being launched in Scotland at 10am on Tuesday 4 December at The Melting Pot in Rose Street, Edinburgh. This is one of several experimental, high-impact projects developed by NESTA. There is a £1 million prize fund designed to encourage and reward people working together to develop new approaches and solutions to climate change, which they hope to see repeated across different communities in order to achieve larger reductions in CO2 emissions.Sophy Copeland (Instant Neighbour, tells us that things are moving forward at Aberdeen SEN. The website (being produced by Foyer Graphics) is nearing completion and £2,500 has been secured to cover basic admin that will be carried out by Peacock Arts ( In addition, we hear Brian Morgan the Service Manager for Communities at Aberdeen City Council has set up a group to look at how they can support the development of social enterprise in the area, with the Network as a critical member. Sophy’s hopeful this is the beginning of a fruitful relationship with the Council.Send us your stories to