Networks1st Update: 2nd November 2007

Some good news from Clackmannanshire and Tayside this week. Clacks SEN rep Anna Roscoe tells us of an award for £5000 from Communities Scotland and from Tayside, it appears that Moyra Gordon’s hard work has paid off with £7,500 towards an administrator for their Network. We look forward to hearing about the positive impact of these awards.The report on the ‘Fit for Purpose’ conference for social enterprises invovled in health improvement and social care is now complete . The next meeting of the thematic SEN launched shortly after the conference takes place on 13th of December at Unity Enterprises Cafe at the Trongate in Glasgow, 3pm – 5.30.The strenght and value of networks was highlighted this week in an article by author and journalist Nick Seddon in his write up about the Acevo international conference a couple of weeks ago, ‘Network Power’.Nick writes “The strength of networks is that they offer a way of bypassing official superstructures and national governments and achieving more equal partnerships, creating a platform on which citizens can stand on their own two feet. No one was trying to veneer over the challenges. There are tensions between, say, integrating and coordinating ideology and practice, and fostering and sustaining independence and difference. As American academic David Renz explained, networks can obscure accountability. Their durability is that there’s no single centre, no pivot without which the whole group would fall; but this also means there’s no one place where the buck stops.”