Networks1st Update: 27th March 2009

‘Fit for Purpose 09’ on 3rd March at the Scottish StoryTelling Centre in Edinburgh, connected the ‘Enterprising Third Sector’ action plan and ‘Equally Well’ the Government’s strategy on health inequalities. The event was a real success altho` there are still a number of significant barriers to social enterprises delivering health benefits to Scotland’s communities. We will be working to overcome these in the year ahead. There was a good spread of delegates with an interest in public health – 53% from social enterprises, 31% from the public sector, 5.5% from the private sector and 19% from the wider third sector. See presentations and evaluation report, third and final event is this year’s Community of Business events was held at the Glynhill Hotel in Renfrew on Wednesday. Around 70 delegates from the local private, public, voluntary and social enterprise sectors had the chance to meet each other and discuss the issues affecting their businesses. Key speakers included Jim Mullan from Kibble Works and David Whyte from Haven. Both speakers explored the mutual benefits in cross sectoral work with the private and social enterprise sectors. Jim Mullan encapsulated the ethos of the Community of Business events by stating “Why should the private sector care? (Because)… the social enterprise landscape is populated by problem solvers…with the ability to service a market.” There will be three more events in in the coming year and we are already working with the LSENs to identify suitable locations.Significant steps towards developing a new Single Interface in Clackmannanshire began this week. Between the members, the Clacks SEN has local representation at the LESP, CVS, Third Sector Forum, Volunteers Centre and Clackmannanshire Business (Chamber of Commerce.) This puts the Network in a valuable position as the talks begin with the Community Planning Partnership. John Swinney commented last week that the Government are looking to see imaginative new relationships locally within the Third Sector. Clacks is off to a promising start!*Network Notices:*EKOS Consultants have been contracted to run a series of events on the Dynamic Inclusive Communities fund. The study is underway and EKOS are intereseted in building up cross-section of third sector organisations to participate in discussion workshops.– 28th April 2009 – Spectrum Centre, Inverness – 1.15pm to 3.15pm- 29th April 2009 – Christian Centre, Perth – 1pm to 3pm- 30th April 2009 – Europa Building, Glasgow – 10am to 12noon- 5th May 2009 – Aberdeen Foyer, Aberdeen -11.30am to 1.30pm- 6th May 2009 – Thistle House, Haymarket, Edinburgh – 3pm to 5pm- 7th May 2009 – Citizens Advice Bureau, Dumfries – 1pm to 3pm*Dates for Your Diary *For more detail of each event go to: Mar Culture SEN / 31 Mar Coalfields SEN / 23 Apr S2S, Edinburgh / 28 Apr Edinburgh SEN / 30 Apr Tayside SEN