Networks1st Update: 25th January 2008

The Scottish Government has agreed to support a group of LSEN delegates to attend Voice 08 on 26/27th of February (`re keen to have a good spread of delegates from different Social Enterprise Networks for this visit, which we believe will be an excellent learning opportunity as well as the chance to rub shoulders with some of the UK`s foremost social entrepreneurs. Hearing what`s going on at a UK level will put the LSENs and their members in a stronger position to link in strategically at a local level and help improve the services they deliver, particlularly in light of the new emphasis being put on local delivery by the new Scottish Government.There will be opportunities for us to arrange 1/2 hour meetings with organisations (such as RBS who have already expressed an interest in this idea) as well as with other Social Enterprise Network groups from England such as SEEE, RISE, etc. The group will also have the opportunity to learn more about what is happening in other LSENs around Scotland.As there are over 200 member organisations, if any of the LSENs are able to access funds to match the cost for their members (either from the organisations themselves or from the LSEP or other funders) this would mean we could invite a few more people to join the group. Get in touch with me if you’re interested.There is a growing interest from LSENs to find a suitable legal structure in order to take them to the next step. We are currently researching the options and will produce a report for the next Reps Meeting scheduled for 14th March (venue TBC). The likely options will be Company Ltd by Guarantee with Charitable Status, a Community Interst Company or what looks likely to be the front runner at this stage a Community Benefit Company. Anyone interested in feeding into this process feel free to get in touch. See