Networks1st Update: 24th April 2009

Last week’s Networks 1st story on the Third Sector Single Interface generated a lot of interest. This week, a couple of Network members forwarded the most recent letter from the Public Service Reform Directorate (Third Sector Division) on the subject. The letter outlines a series of minimum functions for the `Interfaces` that include “support and development of social enterprise”. As future local funding for LSENs is likely to be directly linked to the Single Interface, LSEN members will want to be talking to those making decisions about this in their own areas. The next Networks Reps meeting (6th May in Glasgow), will have the Single Interface Initiative as a priorty topic on the agenda. Some LSENs may decide to become integrated with the new Interface while others may choose to remain independent and connected to a different strategic grouping such as the CPP directly or Economic Forums. Whatever the decision, now is the time to be debating this! 4th S2S Trade Fair took place in Edinburgh yesterday. Over 25 organisations from 8 networks exhibited with many more attending the Fair from across the country as delegates. During the day, speeches, workshops, cooking and dance demonstrations, alternative therapies, prize draws as well as the traditional stands all contributed towards a great vibe.The Cultural SEN is holding a meeting on the 18^th June at Out of The Blue’s premises in Edinburgh. After a period of inactivity, the group are keen to re-establish connections and explore the opportunities for Cultural social enterprises to build their businesses. Invitations will be sent out to interested parties shortly. For more info on the Cultural SEN contact Cultural SEN members Fablevision have launched a community web-based TV channel – Transform TV – run by young people – featuring their issues and ideas and are keen to roll this out beyond the Glasgow area. More info at NoticesSocial Investment Scotland is conducting a survey to find out about the needs of social enterprise for investment funding. As an additional incentive the names of all organisations that complete the questionnaire will be entered in the prize draw for a website audit The deadline for returns is Tuesday 12, for Your Diary April – Edinburgh SEN29th April – Clacks SEN30th April – Tayside SEN6th May – Network Reps Mtg12th May – Aberdeen SEN15th May – Inverclyde SEN27th May – Fife SEN29th May – Glasgow