Networks1st Update: 19th October 2007

There still some space in this year’s Ceilidh events! Most of you will know the drill by now for the Dragon’s Den; punt an idea for an imaginary £100,000 prize, get grilled by 4 willing Dragon’s and then hope for the best. The prize is usually £4,000 but who knows, after his advice this week for charities to appeal to his competitive streak, Sir Tom Hunter might pop in for a visit! ( this year, as part of the Market Place, is the Soap Box. There have to be plenty of social entrepreneurs out there who want to tell us how it ought to be. Here’s your chance, just tick the box in the booking form in the link below.We hear they’ve now got a Local Social Enterprise Network in London ( Wonder when we’ll see a Ceilidh; will we get an invite!