Networks1st Update: 16th January 2009

Senscot will be carrying out an LSEN Vital Statistics Survey. We’ll be getting in touch with Network members about this over the coming months in an effort to gather information at an organisational and Network level. We’ve put together an online form to try and make the process as simple as possible. During the last week both Edinburgh and Fife SENs have met to examine their progress to date and plan their next steps.Common themes were to stabilize the Network as a whole, increase specific business opportunities for members, and make more use of each others skills and resources.Clackmannanshire is planning a similar exercise next week.There will be a Cross Party Group on Media & Culture meeting on 4th February which we’re pleased to see will hear presentations from a number of social enterprises, including some key members of the Cultural SEN i.e. Liz Gardener ( and David Cook ( The event will look at social enterprise in general and in particular how cultural social enterprises contribute to tourism and community regeneration. This is a great opportunity for any cultural social enterprises to get involved. If you’re interested in the going along to learn more, contact Wednesday 21st Jan, CEiS is running an event called ‘Public Sector Meets Third Sector: An Exploration of Business Models`. With some of our most enterprising third sector organisations now major providers of high quality public services particularly in the area of community care, some public services are moving to become major third sector organisations. The Scottish Government wants to create the right operating conditions in which an enterprising third sector can play a full role in the development, design and delivery of policy and services in Scotland, putting the people of Scotland at the heart of their plans. This event will look at the evolving trend of externalisation of Public Authority/ Sector services with a special focus on the sectors of leisure, sports, culture and health. See more, for Diary Reps Meeting, 16th Jan / Midlothian SEN, 20th Jan / Aberdeen SEN, 22 Jan / Glasgow SEN, 23 Jan / Dumfries and Galloway SEN 23rd Jan / East Lothian SEN 30th Jan