Networks1st Update: 10th October 2008

This year sees an increase in the Dragon’s Den Prize – now £5,000. A reminder as well that this year participants can get some ` Den Coaching` with Jay Lamb, winner of the first ever Dragon’s Den for Re-Union Canal Boats in 2005 and now a member of the Firstport Team. Previous winners have done pretty well out of the Den. Re-Union now has its berth in the centre of Edinburgh, Green C Kayaks has just launched its new company and Recycle Fife who won the Audience prize in 2006 is on the verge of moving into its new purpose built premises. So get those applications into us ASAP. We’re also pleased to have Fiona Malcolm from the Scottish Government’s Third Sector Team at the Ceilidh. Fiona is leading on the new Enterprise Fund to be launched in January. news from a couple of the Networks this week on the funding front. The Ecology Centre, members of Fife SEN, won its heat in the BBC’s Primetime Lottery programme, which means they have been awarded over £300,000 towards their Enivro – Mentors initiative ( More good news comes to us from the Coalfields SEN; Croy Miners’ Welfare Charitable Society is delighted to hear that they have been awarded £100,000 by The Tudor Trust. The money will be used to fund a new post of Development Manager over the next three years. Tish Gavin, at Croy said: “We are extremely conscious of how fortunate we have been. Douglas Westwater of Community Enterprise prepared and submitted the Outline Proposal. The Tudor Trust rejects 81% of applications at the first stage. We managed to get through stage 1, host a grant assessor site visit and then successfully complete the stage 2 process.”East Dunbartonshire SEN held a Speed Trading event this week at Twechar Healthy Living Centre. Organisations identified specific opportunities to trade with each other as well as finding out more about the resources and support available both locally and nationally. A couple who attended the event were surprised at how little they knew about each others` activity even though they had worked in the same area for years. The Network is also in talks with the Local Authority to see how they can together deliver the objectives set out in the local Single Outcome Agreement.This year the Coalition is planning a special Celebrate Christmas ‘08 webpage celebrating twelve lines of gifts and food produced by social enterprises in Scotland and available through mail order. This will be hosted on their S2S trade fair website and will be backed by a Coalition press campaign. The page is being produced by Forth Sector and is FREE to all SEN members. All gift lines will be presented with a picture and product/price information plus a link to the producer website, from which all purchases will be made. Contact Antonia Swinson or David Ogilvie 0131 243 2650.Dates for Your DiaryTayside SEN, 21st Oct. / East Dunbartonshire SEN, 29th Oct. / Glasgow SEN, 31st October / Social Enterprise Ceilidh, 20-21st November