UPKEEP currently undertakes six key areas of work under a commercial service contract negotiated with Shettleston Housing Association Limited (SHA).

1. Environmental Maintenance
Providing a general environmental maintenance service to selected tenement backcourts, gardens and common areas including:
litter picking; tidying up bin shelters; bulk uplift ‘pull-out’ service.

2. Close Cleaning
Providing a weekly close cleaning service to around 105 tenement closes.

3. Window Cleaning
Providing a monthly window cleaning service to approximately 50 tenants.

4. Void Clearance
Undertaking the initial clearing out of properties that have been left in an unlettable condition.

5. Void Cleaning

Cleaning up the void properties to facilitate re-letting.

6. Graffiti Removal
Either removing or painting over graffiti on SHA property throughout the Shettleston area.

Organisation Details
Website: http://www.upkeepglasgow.org.uk
Email: enquiries@shettlestoncommunityenterprises.co.uk
Phone: 0141 764 3793
Fax: 0141 764 3743
Address: 24 Fenella Street, Shettleston, Glasgow
G32 7JT
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