Tomorrow’s People

What we do

We help disadvantaged adults and young people to get and keep a job.

Everything we do is focused on improving the long-term work prospects of those who face the greatest barriers to work.


Our vision is to break the cycle of unemployment and dependency in deprived communities throughout the UK. We transform lives by ‘re-skilling’ long-term unemployed people so that they can find and keep a job.


* provide intensive, one-to-one support, focused on the individual
* run groundbreaking programmes for adults and young people, including working in prisons, GP practices, isolated villages and estates
* investigate the roots of unemployment and come up with new solutions
* establish the value of our work to society, by opening ourselves up to independent scrutiny and measurement.

Organisation Details
Phone: 0141 445 8995
Fax: 0141 445 8995
Address: Alexander Stephen House, 91 Holmfauld Road
Other (UK outside Scotland)
G51 4RY
Employability SEN