Square Club

At Square Club, we specialise in delivering high-quality creative workshops that are inclusive for people of all ages and abilities. We use silk screen printing as a tool to encourage people to embrace their creativity and increase their self-esteem while providing the opportunity to work as part of a team. We tailor work- shops to fit a variety of organisations and their members’ needs. Our workshop environment is inclusive, welcoming, and full of resources and opportunities, allowing people to connect with one another as well as helpful community organisations.

Whether you want to build confidence, or are looking for a creative pathway to engage people in education, employment, training or literacy skills, our creative workshops offer you a unique way to inspire and spark personal development.

Lessons are taught by our highly qualified and experienced print de- signer who has an established label within the industry. All workshops are designed around the screen printing process and are tailored to suit the participating group or organisation.

We offer a variety of classes for all abilities and needs, from team building days to general skill based learning over a 6 week period.

Organisation Details
Website: www.squareclub.co.uk
Phone: 0141 328 1094
Address: 306 White Studios, Templeton on the Green , Templeton Street
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