Social Investment Scotland

We provide a range of loan finance to social economy organisations which:

-are unable to raise funding, either in total or in part, from normal commercial sources such as Banks
-have a clear social purpose which will make a real difference to the communities in which they operate
-can demonstrate that the social impact is likely to be long lasting.

Many social economy organisations have no real tangible assets which can be used to support their requests for funding, making them unlikely to attract assistance from the traditional commercial sources and we believe that our approach to loan finance fills a gap in the market.

Our objective is to stimulate the demand for loan funding within Scotland’s most progressive not-for-profit groups. Funding will be distributed through Community Development Finance Initiatives(CDFI) where they exist or by way of direct loans.

Organisation Details
Phone: 0131 558 7706
Address: Playfair House, 3rd Floor, 6 Broughton Street Lane
Edinburgh SEN