Small Green Spaces

We are dedicated to turning empty city spaces into Small Green Spaces, using locally and ethically sourced products to create long lasting mini-gardens. No space is too small!

Supporting local community projects is central to our business. Wherever possible the products (pots, plants, compost and decorations) we use are sourced from community groups. These projects do fantastic work with volunteers who have mental health problems and learning difficulties, young people excluded from school, people recovering from substance misuse, ex-offenders, and the long term unemployed, breaking down barriers, building self esteem and encouraging physical and mental well-being through therapeutic gardening, composting, art and woodworking.

By using the products produced by these community projects, we are supporting their work, helping them generate income and become less grant dependent. We are supporting local businesses, and helping you to reduce your carbon footprint by using locally sourced products, delivered to your door so you don’t have to drive to out of town garden centres.

Organisation Details
Phone: 07903 051 998
Address: 33 Carlton Terrace Mews
Edinburgh SEN
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