Nilupul Foundation

Nilupul Foundation is run by a team of social entrepreneurs. Nilupul is a registered charity/social enterprise, and a company limited by guarantee. It was founded with social objectives in mind. A primary focus of the Foundation is to offer natural public health and social care, be it physical or mental, particularly for the poor and disadvantaged from SED environments, through the Mindfulness-Based Programmes and Projects (MBP’s).
The objective of our MBP’s is to restore the mental capital of individuals, whether as an alternative to, or, to complement existing mainstream provision. Additionally, these MBP’s provide a platform for fostering social contact through the development of social networking skills within the programme group, which then transfer to the family, to colleagues and eventually into the local community. Moreover, our MBP’s stimulate a self-confidence in personal abilities that motivates, and instils self-trust. This, when nurtured, can grow into a social trust that’s capable of supporting the quality of relationship that can provide emotional and/or practical social support for others.
We at Nilupul also research how these MBP’s impact the health and wellbeing of SED individuals, explore its effects on social determinants, and encourage involvement in the promotion of health and wellbeing. These findings are similarly used to inform effective service design, determine health-enhancing mechanisms and explore their causal pathways.
In summary, Nilupul Foundation provides,
• Natural Healthcare through therapies & holistic exercise –
e.g. Massage, Authentic Japanese Reiki etc – Tai Chi, Yoga and Mindful Movement.
• Phsycho–educational MBP’s – that improve mental/ physical health, wellbeing, mental capital and resilience of participants. These often result in increased social participation within local communities, better connections with community organisations, improved communication with statutory bodies and provide a platform to increase employability and volunteering capabilities.
• Research on the effects of our MBP’s and publications on the findings.
• Activities for diverse communities in Dundee for mental health & wellbeing that encourage social participation –
e.g. socially inclusive activities for young people and disadvantaged groups such as community arts and cultural MBP’s.
• Nilupul invests in the education, experience and abilites of the disadvantaged, to develop their talents – we offer training in project management and planning , café management, food hygiene and handling, catering and culinary skills, customer care, marketing, social media, financial planning, research and IT, to strengthen individual mental, social, financial and human capital.
• Nilupul offers 3 month internships and 1 year Directorship training to students from both the city’s universities. These provide project growth and increase human capital, such that, they can form the basis for future employment interview structure, improve employability and increase economic value for future employers and the nation.
• The Foundation provides a Registered Safe Place for the vulnerable at Upstairs@51 cafe which is managed by a Special Educational Needs professional.
This is a summary of, and not a comprehensive description of the foundations activities.

Organisation Details
Phone: 01382 872020
Address: 51 Reform Street
Dundee SEN
Health SEN