Moray Tenants Core Group

Tenant participation first started in Moray during the 1990’s, however it was the Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 which gave tenants more rights to work closer with their landlords towards the delivery of better services.

The Moray Council Tenants Core Group was established and this became the umbrella group for local tenant forums. At its peak there were nine such forums sitting underneath the Core Group, sadly these have all dwindled away over the years.

With subsequent changes and the introduction of the Scottish Housing Charter, whereby tenants will be able to inspect and report on housing services provided, it was decided that tenant participation in Moray had to change to evolve with the charter. So on April 1 2014 the Moray Council Tenants Core Group was wound up and the Moray Tenants Forum was launched. The new group will encourage Moray Council tenants from across the whole of Moray to get involved and have their say in how housing services are delivered.

Organisation Details