Jones and Us

Jones & Us strives to bring strength and unity to the community through sports. What drives us is the adrenaline we get through sporting activities even just talking about sport and physical activity that keeps you fit and rejuvenates your brain gets us giddy. Jones & Us team believe that everyone no matter ability or disability, gender, race, religion, outlook on life, we should all be able to and engage in productive physical activity or sporting activity at least no less than once a week. We see the everyday stresses and depressive states that individuals fall into or can fall into and we work to remedy that through various Health and Wellbeing programs during the course of block weeks and specially tailored sessions.

We work primarily with the mentally and physically challenged but everyone is welcome. Every day is a challenge as we awake and try to live our best life. Mentally, emotionally and physically it can be draining and finding an outlet channel to relieve all the stress and tension is a must, so here at Jones & Us we provide that channel through various services that have a specially tailored plan for you. With One on One sessions, Group sessions, Nutritional Classes, Workshops and Fundraiser days there is something to suit everyone and you as an individual.

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