High Rise Bakers

High Rise Bakers has grown out of regular baking sessions at Bridging the Gap’s BIG Thursdays. We bake every Wednesday and Friday in a borrowed kitchen at 39 Waddell Court, one of Gorbals last remaining high rise blocks. We aim to gather people who feel isolated for one reason or another with refugees to make slow-risen, nutritious, delicious and affordable bread for sale. We hope to be able to create some decent jobs and have people in Gorbals enjoying our delicious bread in their homes knowing how it can benefit their health in comparison to industrial bread. We are members of the Real Bread Campaign.

Organisation Details
Website: www.bridging-the-gap.org
Email: tricia@bridging-the-gap.org
Phone: 0141 418 0241
Address: Greyfriars Centre, 270 Ballater Street
G5 0YT
Community Food SEN
Glasgow SEN
Health SEN