Healthy n Happy Enterprises

Healthy n Happy Community Development Trust provides local people with opportunities to take an active, critical part in ensuring their own, their family’s and their community’s health and wellbeing. The areas of work undertaken are based on local needs that have been identified through extensive work with local people and partners. Healthy n Happy seek to complement and add to existing local strategies and services which tackle health improvement and reduce health inequalities.

Community-led approaches operate across our area. We are led by a Board of Directors who are all local volunteers. Our local radio station, Camglen Radio, is sustained by a team of over 80 volunteers from the area. Our Bike Town initiative is constantly encouraging the community to stay active as well as reducing the areas carbon footprint . We train groups of senior pupils to be mentors in substance misuse and mental health issues. Volunteers on Parent Councils in local schools take a lead in health awareness and promotion as volunteer ‘health links’ to Healthy n Happy. The organisations Mental and Emotional Health and Wellbeing and volunteering programmes are developing a user-led, anti-stigma programme through arts and media activities.

The work of the volunteers is supported by an excellent team of development workers and sessional staff who deliver flexible and responsive programmes of health improvement activities in over 80 local venues. The core activities of Healthy n Happy are in the areas of mental and emotional health and wellbeing, substance misuse, volunteering, communication, fitness and exercise and diet and healthy eating. A social enterprise arm is currently under the brand Healthy n Happy Enterprises and products and services are currently in development based on current expertise within the organisation. The Healthy n Happy Shake Machine is a current fixture. One of few smoothie bikes based in Scotland, it’s an exercise bike and smoothie maker all in one. The bike is used as a fun, educational tool promoting the importance of healthy eating and exercise. Healthy n Happy offer the bike to anyone interested in hiring it for a day, a week or even longer.

The community development trust are also in the process of refurbishing a neighbouring church hall which they will convert into a local community hub that will have the capabilities to hold operational necessities such as meetings and workshops, as well as hosting a community cafe and the brand new home to CamGlen Radio.

Organisation Details
Phone: 0141 646 0123