Health by Science Ltd CIC

Health by Science is a Personal Training/Physiotherapy Social Enterprise ( in Edinburgh. This means that all of our profits go towards subsidising the cost of our Stroke Survivor training for those who have been discharged from the NHS but are still amenable to rehabilitation. From our work we will collect data and conduct some research on sustainable behaviour change using a sustainable lifestyle intervention.

We are passionate about highlighting the importance of mindset in promoting post-traumatic growth among our survivors. We have hired a videographer who will be tracking the progress of our stroke survivors over the next 6 months who have fantastic stories to share. We think the implications of sharing these stories are huge for helping others recover from debilitating conditions. We also believe that the social enterprise model could offer a new paradigm for physio and personal training companies to help a struggling NHS, through helping achieve preventative lifestyle interventions.

Organisation Details
Phone: 7812372214