EarthShare CSA

EarthShare is a CSA (community supported agriculture) scheme based in Moray. Established in 1994, EarthShare supply soft fruit and vegetables to our subscribers in the form of a weekly box all year round. Our crops are grown by organic methods, without the use of any pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilisers.

Because EarthShare are a local company growing for local people, our service cuts out distributors and retailers, resulting in subscribers getting cost-price vegetables and soft fruit that have been grown and distributed with minimal food-miles incurred.

EarthShare encourage our subscribers to become involved in the growing of the crops and offer a discount if they come to the field to help with labour-intensive tasks such as weeding and soft fruit picking. Subscribers make a commitment to EarthShare for a year at a time; during that year they receive an equal share of everything that is harvested. If the harvests are bountiful (which they usually are!) they receive bountiful boxes; if one particular crop fails, they receive less of that crop than planned. It is all about sharing the risks and rewards of farming.

Organisation Details
Phone: 01667 452879
Address: 65 Society Street, Nairn
IV12 4NL
Moray SEN
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