Eadha Enterprises

Eadha Enterprises is an environmental charity and social enterprise based in Lochwinnoch.

• We focus on trees and woodlands and in particular conserving rare species including aspen.

• We maintain a small tree nursery in the village which includes a national collection of aspen clones from across Scotland.

• We offer training and education sessions within the nursery.

• We are working in partnership with the Forestry Commission to develop a supply chain for aspen, and we research innovative uses for aspen and work with partners to develop field trials for various applications.

• We also develop our own woodland related projects including the establishment of new community woodlands which offer volunteering and skills training opportunities.

• We deliver environmental education activities including workshops within schools and we are developing a programme of eco-therapy and craft workshops within local woodlands.

Eadha Enterprise income generation comprises of:
• Selling trees
• Skills development work shops
• Educational activity programmes to schools
• Eco-therapy and craft work shops

Courses, workshops and activity programmes are bespoke to client need and costed accordingly Quotes available on request

Organisation Details
Website: http://www.eadha.co.uk/
Email: peter@eadha.co.uk
Phone: 01505 844827
Address: Square House, Harvey Square
PA12 4HE
Glasgow SEN
Renfrewshire SEN
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