Community Action Blackburn

Community Action Blackburn (CAB) are a Community owned and led charitable organisation working in partnership with statutory and voluntary organisations to engage, assist and support the community of Blackburn in addressing concerns regarding community life issues to make positive change that leads to improved;
• health and wellbeing
• tackling of poverty
• skills and knowledge
• confidence & self-esteem
• family life
• environment
• safety and a reduction in anti-social behaviour
• capacity and resilience within the community
• empowerment of the community to be an equal partner in decision making process affecting their community
• Activities delivered are based on the needs identified by all generations within the community.

CAB started in 2008 as a 3 year pilot project managed by Alcohol Focus Scotland and funded by the Robertson Trust. After the 3 years, the community decided that they wished CAB to continue in delivering the positive work that had been developed through the partnership working with the community and the statutory & voluntary sector. This resulted in CAB becoming a Registered Charity and a Company Ltd. by Guarantee.

Blackburn is the top area of deprivation within West Lothian with 4 of its 8 data zones falling within the overall bottom 20% for Scotland, with 3 of those being in the bottom 10%. CAB adopts a bottom up approach with one of the main foundations being sustainability, achieved through
• Community interaction, involvement and ownership
• True partnership working
• Effective use of funding and available resources to reduce costs
• No duplication of work
• Outcomes linking into those of partner agencies, local authority, curriculum for excellence and national outcomes.

During the time CAB has been working in the village we have, in addition to the development and delivery of activities, events/groups and provided additional environmental work that has brought added value.
• the Wheeled Sports Park
• upgrade to the verges on the Bathgate Road and the development of the Boulder Path Garden
• provision of garden benches and wooden planters in Blackburn Homeless Unit (£800)
• Presently we are involved in developing an outdoor classroom / garden for Blackburn Primary. The land is owned by WESLO Housing Management who has kindly donated the use of it for this purpose.

Other areas of added value are funding for
• School Holiday Programme for 5 to 11 year olds (includes the provision of lunch)
• Affordable Family Summer Bus Trips
• Accommodation Lets for Activities
• Intensive Support Group for 2019/20
• AWL Development Worker
• Presently engaged in discussion re a Green Space Improvement & Employability Project.

Organisation Details
Phone: 07808 6989975
Address: Ashgrove Blackburn
West Lothian
EH47 7LL
Community Food SEN
Cultural SEN
Employability SEN
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