Catrine Community Powerdown

Catrine Community Trust was formed in 2005 to take over the responsibilities of the Catrine Voes Trust when it ceased to function. Catrine Community Trust own and have responsibility for the weir, Voes, hydro-tunnel and surrounding land which, together with the 50’ diameter Fairbairn water-wheels (now demolished) used to form part of the water power system driving the five storey “old mill†of Catrine Cotton Works.

Catrine Community Trusts mission is wider than just the care of this scheduled ancient monument however, they are committed to improving village life and restoring other parts of Catrine’s Georgian heritage, much of which is in danger of being lost to the ravages of time and weather and also unfortunately to vandalism and neglect.

They have plans for an oral history audio-visual project and also for a renewable energy scheme to make use of the 1950s turbines still in place with the addition of a small wind turbine on the hill behind the village.

Organisation Details
Phone:01290 559418
Address: AM Brown Institute, Institute Avenue
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