Autism Initiatives

Autism Initiatives UK was first established in 1972.

The charity grew from the work of Pat Minshull who was concerned about the lack of specialised help available for her son Peter, who has autism.

A successful fundraising campaign resulted in the establishment of Peterhouse School in Southport.

By 1985 Autism Initiatives UK had developed an additional facility, Petersfield Autistic Community in Crosby, which provided services for young adults.

The organisation has continued to grow as it has responded to the needs of individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and their families.

It is recognised that increased rates of autism and related disorders be accepted as an urgent public health concern and we have responded to the increased need and now have an acclaimed national reputation for leading the way in supporting people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

Autism Initiatives currently provide direct support for over 600 individuals in over 80 locations throughout the north of England, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Ireland.

Organisation Details
Website: http:\
Phone: 0131 240 2370
Fax: 0131 240 2804
Address: 6 Melville Crescent, Edinburgh
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