Animalia CIC

Animalia Apparel creates world class fightwear tested by World Champions and international athletes. We use our position, influence and profits to help disengaged young people reconnect with themselves and their lives, to become a more active part of their communities.

Animalia CIC helps the disengaged to reconnect with themselves and their lives. It champions people from all walks of life, especially young people, to show how the challenges we face bind us and how, together, we can overcome them.

By focusing on physical activity, mental resilience and building connection with yourself and the community around you, Animalia shows young people what is already within them – strength to be their own person, passion for life and the ability to achieve whatever they want in life.

We deliver services that promote the good in people and give practical help for living, including:

Youth work focusing on street-work and drop-in sessions
Education through cash-back modules, job support and mental health
Wellbeing programs such as hillwalking and fitness training
Preventative work that provides opportunities to see other ways of thinking
Athlete support such as training kit and social media support

Our work is funded by our commercial arm Animalia Apparel, a sports and fight-wear brand supporting young fighters to help them achieve their goals in the ring. We work with athletes across Scotland championing community, connection and self-reflection to create a positive environment for life.

Animalia CIC is the lion and Animalia Apparel is the mane.

Organisation Details
Address: Orkney Street Enterprise Centre 18-20 Orkney Street
G51 2BX
Health SEN
Sport SEN