Edinburgh Social Enterprise support and promote social enterprise in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Social Enterprise offer the following support and services:

  • Peer support – bringing members together to discuss and share their experiences, good practice and ideas through networking and training events
  • Facilitating trading – across members and between social enterprises, private companies and public sector organisations
  • Facilitating cooperation and collaboration – across social enterprises, private companies and public sector organisations to enable community benefit
  • Branding – of Social Enterprise through Doogie Goodstuff and ‘Buy the Good Stuff’ to raise awareness and recognition
  • Awareness raising – across the public, the public sector and private sector of the community, societal, environmental and economic benefits of social enterprise
  • Capacity building – of people and organisations to develop the skills and knowledge required to create, run, manage and govern a social enterprise.
  • One to one support – for new and aspiring social enterprises and entrepreneurs where there are gaps in existing service provision or knowledge
  • Research –working with academic partners to research social enterprise approaches and their impact.
  • Engagement, consultation and representation – with social enterprises and stakeholders, ensuring the sector’s views and interests are represented within community planning and other relevant forums
  • Information and signposting –on support services, events, training and opportunities provide by other local and national partners


Claire Pattullo

Join the Edinburgh SEN

To join the Edinburgh SEN or to find out more contact Claire Pattullo  or call 0131 241 1928.