A support network for cultural and creative social enterprises.

Film theatres, heritage museums, music groups, art centres, design agencies, events management firms and independent film studios represent only a fraction of the spread of social enterprise that the Cultural network caters for.

Initially started in 2009, the network is supported by a multitude of experienced social entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative sectors.

Find SEs to collaborate with to host and manage events, produce media or to provide a service in a local authority area. The Cultural network provides a creative forum for you to bounce your ideas off as well as a community to support your social enterprise as it grows.

If you are interested in joining the Cultural Network, contact Sarah Cameron.

As with the other thematic SENs, the Cultural network has a roundtable of individuals strategically placed to help develop and support the cultural and creative social enterprise sector.

For more information on the Cultural Roundtable see the dedicated resource box below.

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Sarah Cameron

Join the Cultural SEN

To join the Cultural SEN or to find out more contact Sarah Cameron  .

The Cultural Roundtable has been set up to bring together a strategically placed partnership to help deliver the change required to overcome barriers faced by cultural and creative social enterprises and to unlock the potential added value they could bring. The Roundtable meets regularly during the year and, by connecting with the Cultural and Creative SEN, seeks to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and information and to influence Government policy in this direction. Representatives from the Cultural and Creative SEN work closely with the Cultural Roundtable to ensure a flow of communication.  

Cultural Roundtable Members