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The Health SEN welcomes any social enterprises (and aspiring social enterprises) that seek to make a positive impact on health and well-being as new members to the Network.
Mary Sinclair is the dedicated coordinator for the Health SEN and is supported by the Social Enterprise Health & Wellbeing Roundtable.
The Health SEN aims to be informed on health and social care legislation and initiatives which support innovative practices to healthy communities, working towards three key outcomes:
• Grassroots level social enterprises are better informed, encouraged, networked and supported.
• Members make a better contribution to policy development (local and national) and increase the value they bring to local communities economically, socially and environmentally.
• More collaborative working amongst members, increasing their capacity and role in delivering services in their respective communities.
A monthly Social Enterprise Health & Wellbeing Newsletter is available SEN members and opportunities are regularly available for members to discuss key issues and network.
To join the Health SEN or find out more contact Mary Sinclair or on 07525 864 333.

Mary Sinclair

Join the Community Food SEN

To join the Community Food SEN or to find out more contact Mary Sinclair  or call 07525 864 333.

The Social Enterprise Health & Wellbeing Roundtable gathers together strategically placed individuals committed to maximising the benefits that a social enterprise approach can bring to delivering public health in Scotland. It does so through:

  • Increasing awareness of social enterprise and how it impacts on health
  • Improving links between public health agencies and social enterprises
  • Promoting opportunities for social enterprises to deliver public health contracts and other services directed at improving the health and wellbeing of the public.
The Roundtable supports the activities of the Health and Community Food SENs in helping overcome barriers faced by social enterprises delivering public health benefits, and evidencing the added value they can bring to Scotland’s communities. Thematic Priority Issues for the Roundtable currently include:
  • Health & Social Care Integration
  • Self-Directed Support
  • Food Poverty
Social Enterprise Health & Wellbeing Final Position Paper

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