More than 2,000 charities and community groups face cuts

More than 2,000 charities and community groups face cuts
False Economy

More than 2,000 charities and community groups are facing budget cuts as local authorities reduce their funding – or in some cases completely withdraw it – according to research published today by False Economy.

The research, based on hundreds of Freedom of Information responses from local councils across England, shows that one year on from the launch of the Big Society, many charities and voluntary groups face deep funding cuts.

The False Economy research shows that charities face net funding reductions of more than £110 million this year, though the final figure is likely to be far higher given that some large authorities have not yet finalised where the cuts will hit.

And False Economy is still awaiting responses from a number of major authorities, including Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds and Westminster, despite having made Freedom of Information requests to them several months ago. We will update the data as it becomes available.

All charities or voluntary groups receiving a funding cut of at least five per cent are listed in the research, although most of the cuts are far deeper – and many groups have had their funding cancelled completely.

The list of charities facing funding cuts includes:

* 112 adult care charities
* 142 elderly-related charities
* 382 children’s and young people-related charities
* 151 disability-related charities.

These organisations provide vital services for older people trying to maintain independent lives, vulnerable children and abused women. As well as the misery and distress they cause, such cuts will increase pressure on the NHS and other statutory services: they are truly a false economy.

Download full research here