Members’ Briefing – Procurement Reform Bill

Members’ Briefing – Procurement Reform Bill
Social Firms Scotland

The consultation on the Procurement Reform Bill (previously called Sustainable Procurement Bill) has now been launched.  


This Bill will establish a national legislative framework for sustainable public procurement that supports Scotland’s economic growth by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits, supporting innovation and promoting processes and systems which are transparent, streamlined, standardised, proportionate, fair and third sector-friendly.


Public sector spending on goods and services across Scotland amounts to over £9 billion per year.  This new Bill is a great opportunity for the social enterprise sector to get a bigger piece of the procurement pie and this consultation is your opportunity to shape the Bill. 
The Scottish Government would like to hear your views on the suggested proposals that will help deliver the aim of the Bill and are encouraging you to respond to any or all of those parts where you feel you have a contribution to make.   The contributions received will be published (unless you choose to respond anonymously) and used to take the Bill to the next stage.


Government are stressing that they are still only at the initial stages of developing their thinking and responses to the consultation will play a key role in the Bill’s development. 


Social Firms Scotland and our partners are keen to capture as many thoughts and ideas from our members as possible so we will be arranging a session to do this.  It will also allow you to quiz our CEO, Pauline Graham who has been on the expert panels discussing and informing the Bill.  We will also be able to support you to respond to the consultation if required.


We’ll be in touch with further information shortly.  In the meantime, to register your interest in being involved in the session please contact Jayne Chappell by email –