Meeting victims discourages repeat youth offending

Meeting victims discourages repeat youth offending





A project which put restorative justice to the test has found the majority of young offenders who meet their victims are less likely to commit crime in the future.


Some 70% of those taking part in the experiment in Aberdeen did not reoffend in the first year of the scheme.


Billy Nicol, youth justice adviser for community safety charity Safeguarding Communities Reducing Offending (Sacro), which ran the project, said: ‘The process is important for the offenders because it teaches them about morals if they can see how their crime has affected someone.


‘The meetings can be a powerful moment. Adults can see that the young offender is someone’s daughter or son and that the youngster is willing to change.’


Mr Nicol said more than 700 meetings had already taken place and that 90% of victims had recommended others take part in the process. ‘We have evidence the scheme works and it should be available across the UK., he said.


Youth justice services evaluation report



Source: New Start